Lindsay Rule: A Passionate Advocate for Climate Change

GenZ Girls
2 min readMar 2, 2021

Lindsay is a passionate advocate for climate change. It is an important part of the Earth, and not many people realize it thinking that our generation will not get impacted by this. On top of advocating for climate change, Lindsay has a huge passion for fashion. She sees fashion as a unique outlet where she can express herself. Last but not least, Lindsay loves to sew because it helps her explore creativity. Lindsay has been trying to inspire others in her community by advocating in her school through her AP Environmental Science Class. She additionally built 5 little free libraries around her county and earned her Girl Scout Gold Award. This has encouraged Lindsay to focus on sustainability and reusing items.

Lindsay often finds her voice being silenced when she lacks confidence usually coming from others putting her down for speaking her mind. She is very vocal about many topics, and others silence her when they see this. Lindsay is her Cross Country team’s captain, yet her voice is constantly silenced by the males on the team as she is seen as inferior, even though she can be better than who they prove themselves to be. Some advice she would give more GenZ girls is to never change for anyone. Lindsay says, “Never change for anyone, and stay true to yourself. This includes changing your looks, personality, beliefs, and more. You do not deserve a person who wants you to change for them.”

You can follow Lindsay on her Instagram @shnitzelblitz