Jasmine Ispasoiu: A Passionate Young Woman in Neuroscience

GenZ Girls
1 min readMar 15, 2021

Jasmine is not your average fourteen-year-old. She is extremely passionate about studying the intersection of neuroscience in women since it’s a heavily understudied topic. In fact, the first studies done on autism, which were a catalyst to revolutionize modern psychiatry as we know it, were done on only men/boys. As a result of this, many women weren’t diagnosed with autism until their late teens or early twenties. Furthermore, autism in women is highly stigmatized as it goes unnoticed. Jasmine wants to pave the path such that men and women receive equally proper and accurate diagnoses.

Currently, Jasmine is shedding light on issues such as neuroscience in women and the racial biases that people of color and the LGBTQ+ community face. To motivate others, Jasmine highlights the importance of healthcare and educating oneself to address stigmas/stereotypes. Unfortunately, Jasmine is catcalled by some of her peers as a “social justice warrior” (SJW) or a “loudmouth,” therefore having her views turned down. Jasmine is fierce and doesn’t let these comments get to her. Her motto is “Don’t doubt yourself for even a second because if you work hard, you’re unstoppable!” In the future, Jasmine will expand her knowledge by partaking in medical research and educating others. She hopes to pursue a career in medicine to give the gift of healing.

You can contact Jasmine on Instagram @fatherjasmine