Himani Akula: The Inspirational STEMnist

GenZ Girls
2 min readMar 15, 2021

Growing up, Himani Akula was involved in a plethora of unique activities ranging from ice skating to robotics. As she refined her interests over the years, Himani realized that she is passionate about experiences that broaden her perspectives. Her love of learning led her to pursue courses and extracurriculars in STEM and educate children about a variety of topics. Additionally, Himani is not interested in just one subject; rather, there are concepts and processes that interest her. In fact, she loves the nature of problem-solving and challenging herself with realistic goals and puzzles. The platform of viewing daily interactions and phenomena from an interdisciplinary lens and finding the nuanced connections between seemingly distinct fields is what keeps her going. This mindset is what has led Himani to study Anthropology, Biology, and Neuroscience at the University of Albany, SUNY as a Combined Medical Program Scholar. She will graduate from the State University of New York Upstate Medical University as a doctor in 2027.

Himani inspires others in her community by continuing to do what she does best. As a female deeply involved in STEM, she hopes that the devoted image that she projects through her STEM engagement serves as a role model for other young females and previously discouraged individuals. She believes that she is making a difference one step at a time by adding to the positive representation of women to the conversation. In a more active manner, Himani is involved in community service, volunteering, and outreach events that target the innate curiosity that all people are born with. By presenting STEM In a positive light from an early age through outreach, she hopes that the kids gain confidence and appreciation for the field. When demonstrating everyday phenomena at a local science museum, she relates science topics to fun stories and interactive questions. Himani wants young girls to continue doing what they love to do because, at the end of the day, the world remembers the people who have led their life with purpose and passion.

You can follow Himani through her Instagram @himani_akula