Claire Emanuel: A Diversely Passionate Young Woman

GenZ Girls
1 min readMar 11, 2021

13-year-old Claire Emanuel is a young girl with diverse passions, varying from playing tennis and the piano to singing. Claire has a strong connection with tennis as it not only makes her a better athlete but a stronger individual entirely. What’s more, music courses through Claire’s veins, cleansing her state of mind and serving as an escape from reality. Claire believes that you can be inspiring no matter the age, and if Claire were to galvanize others in her community, she wants young girls to know that they should focus on themselves to enhance their skills to have an improved future. Combining sports and music, Claire has a great future planned for her.

On the outside, Claire comes off as charismatic, caring, and bubbly; however, on the inside, Claire often feels that her voice is silenced due to being a black American girl. Claire explains that oftentimes, even when she is the leader of a project, group members don’t take into account her ideas, and pursue a different course of action. Because Claire knows that her voice has been silenced, and others’ voices have been silenced as well, if she could give any piece of advice to young females around the world to become agents of change, she would tell them to speak up. In her words, “Something just as simple as raising your voice can help others really take you seriously and listen to ideas you have to share.”

You can follow Claire through her Instagram and/or Snapchat @carumoe